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Amsterdam Escort Tips For First Dates

You want to make your first date in Amsterdam one that you’ll never forget. You want it to be perfect. The only problem is that this is your first time in the city – maybe you’re a tourist or maybe you’re here for work. Either way, you’re not familiar with the area, and you’re worried about planning everything out just right. Don’t worry. We’re here to help. Let us give you some tips that can help you put all of the pieces together.

Decide Where to Start

Let’s start right at the beginning. Where do you want this date to kick off? Many people like to start at a coffee shop – which, as you probably know, is where you can buy recreational marijuana in Amsterdam – or at a local bar. Either one can be perfect. It’s a relaxing start to the night, a way for the two of you to make small talk and start getting to know one another, and it offers you an easy way to step into this city’s vibrant nightlife. Some of the local bars that we like the most include:

  • Canvas: A rooftop bar with soaring views of the city. Hanging string lights and glass walls complete the space.
  • Waterkant: A canal-side bar that gets you close enough to put your feet in the water. This place is usually packed and exciting, especially at night, with the light shimmering on the water.
  • Hannekes Boom: Another bar on the water – the canals are a big part of life in Amsterdam – this place has a beach theme that feels like you’re in Hawaii or on a Caribbean vacation. It’s pretty laid-back and immersive if that’s the vibe you’re after.
  • Brouwerij’t IJ: A local brewery, there’s no better place to try the famous Amsterdam beer. It’s also built into a windmill, making it something of a cultural icon.

These are just four of your many options, but all will give you the perfect way to start the night with a drink or even grab an early meal. You can’t go wrong.

Consider the Entertainment

The second act of your date should be something fun that the two of you can enjoy together, and you’re in luck: Amsterdam is an entertainment capital. You can find a lot to enjoy, such as:

  • Going on a private boat tour
  • Going to the symphony • Seeing a live concert
  • Going to the theatre
  • Taking a bike tour
  • Checking out the art museum
  • Strolling through the cultural garden
  • Eating at a five-star restaurant

It all depends on what type of night you’re after. For some, it’s five-star dining and black-tie events. For others, it’s a beer at the brewery and bike tour. The great thing about Amsterdam, besides the stunningly beautiful women, is that it offers something for everyone.

Water View of Waterkant