Incredible Bars to Visit with Amsterdam Escorts

When you take an Amsterdam escort out into the city, you want to show them a good time. They’re going to show you a good time in bed, after all, acting out your fantasies, trying new positions and giving you everything that you want. You can really have a great time when you go out with the girls if you pick the right destinations. This is not to say that you won’t want to leave, because you are going to be eager to get these hot girls in bed, but the day will be about more than just sex. If you have looked at the hot pictures in the gallery and you have a hard time believing that you could want anything else from these girls, we totally understand. We suggest you take a moment to read the bios, because you will find that these interesting girls make great companions for dates as well.

Coffee Shop Overview

Before you take an escort Amsterdam girl to a bar, you may want to swing by a coffee shop to pick up some marijuana. You’re going to be happy that you did. You could go to Key West, a comfortable shop that is very kind to tourists. You could check out Yanks, a giant shop with a patio and a Native America theme. You could head over to Theehuis Join Us, an old shop that was renovated just a few years ago, for the small coffee shop that you probably imagine when you think about the Netherlands. There are scores of shops and they are all a little different. You probably want to check out more than one while you are here to see which one fits best with your personality.

The only other thing that you need to know about the coffee shops before you go there with the girls is that it’s legal to smoke inside or to take your joints or your bag of weed and go. Many people like to stay and enjoy the atmosphere, but you may be so interested in getting to the bar with the Amsterdam escort that you just want to smoke there instead. Either way, you’re going to like what the City has to offer. After you go to the coffee shop, you should check out some of these bars, which are highly rated.

Vesper Bar

This is a cocktail bar, and they sure know how to do it right. It has that sort of mid-century modern feel that is very popular, with a good mix of vintage details and modern amenities. You’re going to feel like you’re drinking in style. It’s about more than just the feel of the place, though, as the drinks they make are spectacular. There are some on the menu that you are not going to find anywhere else in the city. If you have something special in mind, just ask them and they should be able to make it for you and youre Amsterdam escort. If all else fails, just get some bourbon on the rocks. You may want to dress up a bit, though, so that you and your companion fit the theme. This bar is found at Vinkenstraat 57, Amsterdam, Netherlands. You can give them a call by dialing +31 20 846 4458.

Chet’s Jazz Café

Exposed bricks inside, a long-polished bar and good lighting make this place a great stop with your escort Amsterdam girl. They often have jazz playing on the sound system, and they sometimes bring in live acts that you can watch with the girls. It will really take you back to the jazz age when you listen to the music of the legends of that period in music. The drinks are fancy and perfectly prepared, as everything was back then. If you are not interested in getting a cocktail with your date, you can also get a glass of wine. This little bar is found at Vinkenstraat 57. Their phone number is +31 20 846 4458.

Café Sound Garden

How does outdoor dining and drinking by the canal sound? If that sounds like something that you would love to do with your date, this cafe is the place for you. There is a wide brick patio that runs right to the edge of the canal, in large part, by three canals, and it offers you a great view. This is a relaxing atmosphere, whether you are drinking a cold beer, a nice glass of wine, or a cocktail made just the way that you like it. It’s also a little more causal than the last two places if dressing up is not your thing. You can find it at Marnixstraat 164-166 and you can call them at +31 20 620 2853.

Okura Hotel

If money is no object and you want the sophistication of high-end drinking and dining, there is simply no better place to go. Everything is neat and clean; the service is incredible and the menu leaves nothing out. When you couple that with the elevated, sweeping views of the city, you’ll really love spending time here, though your wallet may be significantly lighter when you leave. You and your Amsterdam escort can find this hotel at Ferdinand Bolstraat 333, and the number for reservations is +31 20 678 7111.

Amsterdam Escort’s Guide You to Premium Weed

Hooking up with an Amsterdam escort is the very best way to spend your time in the city. You probably don’t even need much convincing, other than taking a look at the gallery on this site. If you have grown tired of trying to up girls at the bar, because they always seem to be with their partners or at least a group of friends, this is the easiest way to do it. These ladies are already looking forward to spending time with you, and the bios and pictures in the gallery mean that you know exactly what you are getting into as soon as you arrive.

Now that you know that you should go out with the girls we have to offer; do you need to know where to go? Maybe you’ve already looked at the restaurants and you don’t really think that fine dining is your style. Maybe you’ve checked out some of the breweries, because Amsterdam even has one brewery that is made out of an old windmill, but you don’t care much for beer or any other type of alcohol. You just want to relax. You need somewhere that you can go where you can get to know the ladies a bit better before taking them to bed. Remember the City is a place where there is no pressure and where relaxation is easy. Fortunately for you, Amsterdam has the perfect solution.

The Coffee Shops

In the United States or Canada, a coffee shop might not help you relax too much. You may already be a bit nervous because our companions are beautiful and so you may feel tongue-tied. The last thing that you need is caffeine to increase your heart rate. In Amsterdam, though, the coffee shops sell marijuana. You can pick up bags of weed, hash, pre-rolled joints, and much more. Getting high here is legal and the Amsterdam escorts love it.

On top of that, the coffee shops are set up to be the perfect places to chill with the girls. Some of them have games, sporting dart boards, pool tables and pinball games. Most have tables and chairs, and these are extensively used by people to roll joints. Many of them also have sofas, where you can kick back, lounge into the soft cushions, and smoke joints while you chat with the girls escorting you. After you’re done, the two of you can head back to the hotel to get in bed. Can you imagine a better day than that? Here are a few places that you need to go.


This shop is considered by many of the girls to be the best one in town. It has a large, L-shaped bar and plenty of seating opposite that bar. It’s in an old brick building with a lot of character, and there are half a dozen tables inside. They have some excellent varieties to choose from, such as the Northern Light Special. You can also get Moroccan and Peacemaker. The prices are good and the staff are friendly; they will even take out all of the stems prior to weighing out your pot so that you are only paying for what you really want. You and the girls will find this shop Anytime at Laat 16, 1811 EJ Alkmaar. You can also give them a call at +31 (0)72 5125400.

Lucky Luke

This shop is not as cozy and quaint as some, mostly due to the fact that it is rather dark inside and they usually have the music up pretty loud. However, they do have a pool table, and the music means that it feels private if you just want to sit around with the ladies and not talk to the other people in the shop. They have a lot of options, with varieties like Orange Haze, Super Skunk and K2. It’s all very good, so you can’t really go wrong. This shop is found at Sonsbeeksingel 91, 6821 AC Arnhem. You can call them at +31 (0)26 3519090.

Zero Zero

Zero Zero is actually very close to Anytime, so you may want to check them both out if you are in the area. It’s a much smaller shop, but it has a community vibe with a large common table and bowls of candy sitting out. It’s the type of place you could stay in for a few hours, even though there’s not that much space. Hot chocolate hash comes highly recommended. You and the ladies will find it at Hommelseweg 19, 6821 LA Arnhem and their phone number is +31 (0)26 4458706.

Theehuis Join Us

If you’re looking for a classic, simple little shop, you’ve found it. This place is small, but the menu is huge and prices are pretty low, which is good news for you and the hotel escorts in Amsterdam. The inside was renovated in 2011, so it’s much more modern now than it used to be. It shouldn’t be a destination, but it’s a great shop if you’re in the area. You can find it at Smedestraat 25, 2011 RE Haarlem.

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