Experiencing All the Netherlands has to Offer

A trip to the Netherlands is a chance to explore the wild side of your personality. In the Netherlands, and Amsterdam in particular, you will find people are much more relaxed about sex and drugs. You’ll also see that the laid-back attitude of people isn’t the only great thing the Netherlands offers visitors.

The country has legalized both prostitution and marijuana which gives you the chance to explore your deepest sexual fantasies. In addition, you’ll want to visit De Wallen, the Netherland’s largest Red-Light District. Start planning your trip to the Netherlands today and you’re sure to have an adventure you’ll never forget.

Amsterdam is one of the World’s Most Exciting Destinations

Amsterdam is a world-renowned city for its friendly atmosphere, sophistication, and its vibrant sex trade. This city is the cultural center of the Netherlands, a cosmopolitan melting pot of cultures from all around the world. This city has historical sites, delicious food, great coffee, and astounding nightlife. Whether for business or pleasure, people from all over the world come to Amsterdam to discover the exciting world of professional sex.

The people of Amsterdam enjoy a level of sexual liberation unmatched by anyone else in the world. People come from all around the world for a taste of Amsterdam and its unabated freedom.

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Amsterdam Escorts

One of the most popular activities in the Netherlands is sex. The open-minded attitude of the people and the legalization of prostitution make it a fun activity for visitors and citizens alike. When you visit the Netherlands, you’ll want to start your planning with Amsterdam Escorts. Our company is the best escort service in the Netherlands and will give you the most wonderful, erotic, passionate night of your life at surprisingly affordable prices.

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Christmas in The Netherlands
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Amsterdam is a mecca of sorts, from marijuana growers and users to those seeking sexual liberation on multiple levels. So, it is only natural that the most beautiful, most talented escorts come to the Netherlands. And only the most beautiful and talented of those come to work for Amsterdam Escorts. You can get your girl within 20 minutes of getting off the phone with us, and she will be at your door waiting to rock your world. You can take your beauty for a night out on the town, to cafes and diners, for walks along the canals, or a night of dancing. We offer an all-inclusive experience with our ladies.

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Amsterdam Escorts takes all the hassle out of a trip to the Netherlands. Whether on a vacation or a business trip, your time in Amsterdam should be one of pleasure and satisfaction. People come to the Netherlands to get away from the strict laws of their home countries. That’s why Amsterdam Escorts makes certain that your instructions are followed exactly as you wish. We want to make your time in Amsterdam as memorable as possible. People come to Amsterdam for the excitement, but they come back for the culture and the comfort.

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Choosing an Escort

Once you have decided you want to spend time with a beautiful escort from Amsterdam Escorts, the next step is actually choosing the right one. Because the Netherlands allows legal prostitution, there are a wide variety of beautiful ladies for you to choose from. We have blondes, brunettes and red heads from all over Europe. If you like your women to have large breasts, we have lots of escorts that fit the bill. If you prefer something a little smaller, we have that, too. Many of our escorts are curvy, while others are very slim.

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Red Light District

One of the biggest draws for tourists and locals alike in the Netherlands is De Wallen, a large Red-Light District in Amsterdam. De Wallen takes up several city blocks and crosses a variety of canals. Visitors will get a look at a variety of Netherlands architecture and the use of canals. There are also a wide variety of sex-themed experiences and shows.

In De Wallen, you will find a sex museum, sex shops, a cannabis museum, peep shows and many street escorts. These escorts are different than the ones you find at Amsterdam Escorts because you pay for one sex act, not by the hour. The escorts will find customers on the street and take them to a small room just off the street. The room will likely have a small twin bed with sheets that are not changed between customers. You will be able to have sex with the escort in the missionary position, but once it is over, so is your escort experience. This is far from the passionate, sensual experience you will have with an escort from Amsterdam Escorts. Both types of prostitution are legal in the Netherlands, but only one will give you an unforgettable trip.

In De Wallen, you can also find and purchase marijuana at a variety of local coffee shops. The Netherlands has legalized the purchase and use of pot, so you can buy it from a coffee shop and then smoke it while enjoying a cup of coffee or the company of your chosen escort from Amsterdam Escorts.