Rijsenhout & Rijnsburg

Vacation to Rijsenhout and Rijnsburg Can Be Pure Ecstasy.

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We’d like to recommend a few places where your Escort Amsterdam date can accompany you, so go ahead and explore.


In De Zotte Wilg

Uiterweg 27/A, 1431AA, Aalsmeer

Phone Number: 0297-324606

In De Zotte Wilg is a spacious café and restaurant with a light ambiance. You can take your drink and stay by the nice fireplace or the large terrace that’s on the water! Their bar is lively and the place promises a great evening, especially if you are sharing it with a date. They serve coffee, tea, light snacks, lunch, dinner, you name it! In De Zotte Wilg is located on the banks of a small pool surrounded by many boats and the place gives you a nice view of the nearby islands which is a great bonus.

Danscafé Praam

Zijdstraat 60, 1431 EE Aalsmeer, Netherlands

Phone Number: +31 297 322 010

Check out the crowd at Danscafé Praam, a pub very close to Rijsenhout. Mingle with other people who love partying and dancing. Your Escort Amsterdam date can show you a few moves that will step up your evening. Grab some drinks and hit the road if you want to take off somewhere else, but we definitely recommend that you come to this place at least once and you will see why we highly recommend it.



Werf 7 Rijsenhout, Netherlands

Phone Number: +31 297 363 434

Everybody loves pizza. Luckily, the place to find the best pizza in Rijsenhout is right around the corner! Pizzeria Portofino uses fresh ingredients on all the items listed on their menu to make sure that they provide their visitors a good, healthy and delicious meal. They also serve different kinds of pasta, shawarma and grilled meat which means you’ll have excellent choices. Their best sellers are their pizzas, tortellini and tagliatelle which you should definitely try! Take a quick trip to Portofino with your date and indulge yourselves at their delectable dishes.

If you want a classier environment ask your Escort Amsterdam date to accompany you to Rotterdam. They have some of the finest restaurants that you can choose from. They also have the best marijuana bars, strip clubs and brothels that are close to Rijsenhout. Please see a few of our suggestions.

Restaurant De Schone Lei

Plaszoom 500 Rotterdam, Netherlands

Phone Number: +31 10 212 1555

This restaurant has luxury written all over it. You’ll a great time at this place, sitting comfortable by the fireplace or hanging out in their spacious terrace. The restaurant also offers a fine view of the Rotterdam skyline and the ambiance is perfect for private conversations. Enjoy the magnificent view, share a leisurely dinner with your date and have a taste of the best wine they offer.

Restaurant Zeezout

The restaurant offers a menu specially created by their amazing chef and their helpful staff can help you decide what to have. The place has a vibrant atmosphere that adds to the beauty and style of this restaurant which will make you want to stay longer. Get to know your Escort Amsterdam date better and plan out the evening while you help yourself to a leisurely dinner carefully prepared for you by Restaurant Zeezout.


Sky High

Nieuwe Binnenweg 59 3014 GD Rotterdam

Phone Number: +31 (0)10 4366523

If you’re up for a smoke after dinner, going to Sky High with your date is highly recommended. Play pool, pinball or watch football on the big screen while you share a smoke with your beautiful girl from Amsterdam Escort. The prices are very reasonable considering the quality of the weed they offer. You’ll certainly get a good deal from Sky High.


Nieuwe Binnenweg 54 3015 BB Rotterdam

Phone Number: +31 (0)10 4366768

The selection and quality of their stash makes up for the lack of room in this place. Because there’s not much room for enjoying a smoke, we suggest that you get a good deal and get high somewhere else. Probably a much more private space with your date? We can predict what will happen next, but that is definitely your call!


Bubbles Erotic Café

Henegouwerlaan 48a, Rotterdam, Netherlands

Phone Number: +31 10 4145319

Make your sensual evening with your date more lustful by visiting Bubbles Erotic Café, where gorgeous women will line up for your attention. Let them get down and dirty and show you their amazing talents in sexual gratification. Any girl form this club will love to join a hot threesome with you and your sexy Escort Amsterdam friend. We know you want a mind blowing experience, so don’t worry because our girls got that part covered, so just sit back and enjoy the ride.

Royal Rooms

Mountain road 219 3037 EK Rotterdam

Phone Number: +31 10 46 70 612

This club is open any day of the week which means you get access to pure pleasure almost any time you want! Enjoy an amazing night in bed with beautiful women who can give you a once in a lifetime experience. Royal Rooms promises a memorable night for you and your Escort Amsterdam date. We’re sure that everything you want is possible and our girls are always ready to comply.

Experience Rijsenhout The Escort Amsterdam Way

Explore Rijsenhout and the surrounding areas the right way. We know that our girls at Escort Amsterdam will keep your thrilled with their company. If you want to get engaged in some steaming hot sex with a goddess, that won’t be a problem! The talents in bed of any Escort Amsterdam girl will be absolutely unforgettable for you, we’re sure you will be coming back to Rozenburg sooner than expected. If that happens, don’t worry, our lovely girls will be more than happy to be of service to you, again!

Marina at Rijnsburg
Windmill at the Marina of Rijnsburg

Rijnsburg is a small town but don’t let make you think that there is nothing to do! Though the town is not as big as the other nearby towns, Rijnsburg will surprise you with fascinating sights and exciting places to visit.

Our alluring Escort Amsterdam girls will make for good guides and lovely companions when you decide to wander around town. Our girls can point you to the right places where you can have fun so that you fully enjoy your stay at Rijnsbur.



Address: Noordeinde 32, 2231 LL Rijnsburg, Netherlands

Contact: +31 71 408 8154

This café and restaurant offers an intimate and cozy ambiance that’s perfect for a romantic time with your girl. The café will provide you with some privacy so you and your Escort Amsterdam date can freely talk about anything you wish! They serve several tasty dishes that will satisfy your cravings for good food and have a selection of quality drinks and powerful wines from their special wine list. The restaurant has a lovely modern interior and comfortable seating that will make your stay relaxing and stress free. This restaurant, with its light and mellow atmosphere, will give you and your date good memories that you will remember for a life-time. Let your visit to Eetkafe be a part of your wonderful experience in Rijnsburg.

Zwarte Ruiter

Address: Grote Markt 27 2511 BG Den Haag, The Netherlands

Contact: +31 70 3649549

If you want a more exciting environment and want to spend time mingling with other people, we suggest that you and your date take a quick trip to The Hague and find this pleasant bar. Zwarte Ruiter is filled with people who want to have fun – so you and your date will meet new friends who can lead you to some of the best places in The Hague. The bar offers several draft beers and other drinks their talented bartenders are ready to mix for you. You can enjoy your drinks by the bar and be entertained by a friendly bartender who always has something funny or helpful to share, or you can also find a table outside and enjoy your drink while you observe the busy streets of The Hague. This spacious bar will offer a lot of room for fun and will guarantee that you and your date will share a lovely evening.



Address: Vliet Zuidzijde 14, 2231 GH Rijnsburg, Netherlands

Contact:+31 71 402 7510

Baraka is a popular shawarma and grill restaurant that offers meals made with the finest and freshest ingredients. They provide fast and reliable service so you don’t have to wait long to be served. If you’re looking for somewhere you can get delicious meals quick and easy, then this restaurant is just the perfect place! All the dishes they serve are held to a high standard and carefully prepared by their experienced staff to ensure that quality is not compromised. Try their signature Baraka burgers with your Escort Amsterdam date and find out why this restaurant is a popular pick in Rijnsburg.

Gloria Maria

Address: Oegstgeesterweg 32, 2231 AZ Rijnsburg, Netherlands

Contact: +31 71 888 7580

Gloria Maria is an Italian restaurant in Rijnsburg that serves rich and flavourful meals that will leave you shocked with delight! They use very special herbs and other secret spices that keep their meals mouth-watering and wonderful. You and your date will be hungry and craving for a bite the moment you see the beautifully presented meals served by the friendly staff of Gloria Maria, and both of you will be drawn by the inviting aroma of the food offered. You will find the best pizza in Rijnsbur and once you have tried their meals we can guarantee that you can never have enough!



Address: Prinsestraat 84 2513 CG’s-Gravenhage (Den Haag, The Hague)

Contact: +31 (0)70 3462346

Finding this coffee shop in The Hague will be a challenging and amazing part of your trip, but don’t worry – because your Escort Amsterdam date will help you find it right away. Though there are so many coffee shops in The Hague, we still think that visiting this place – and that is one of the best recommendations we can make. Your efforts in finding it will certainly pay off when you get your hands on the products that they sell. The weed and hash is of excellent quality but reasonable price. Unlike other coffee shops in The Hague, Cremers will give you their best strains at very affordable rates.


Address: Elandstraat 18 2513 GR’s-Gravenhage (Den Haag, The Hague)

Contact: +31 (0)70 3623968

Greenhouse is another reliable and great source of quality weed and hash. If you want a different kind of buzz, trying the strains offered at this coffee shop is a must-do during you trip! They’re open early so you and your date can get an early doze of goodness. Many patrons of this coffee shop will stake their reputation on this establishment – those who are very picky often find what they are looking for while they’re here. Most of their frequent visitors come from far places but they still take time to visit simply because this is where they find the best deals for the best quality. The coffee shop also has very friendly bud tenders who will help you and your date find what you desire.


Privehuis Diane’s Secret

Address: Laan van Nieuw Oost-indië 200a, 2593 CC Den Haag, Netherlands

Contact: +31 70 347 6318

This private house in The Hague is filled with gorgeous women ready to mesmerize you. The girls of Diane’s Secret put on entertaining adult shows that will make you lose your mind! You’re in for a sexy treat as these girls will eagerly work alongside your Escort Amsterdam date to make you sexually satisfied! The private house has many luxurious rooms, providing you and the girls privacy and comfort while they everything you ask of them. They have different themed rooms but all of them promise greater sexual pleasures than you’ve ever imagined!

What’s lovelier than having a hot and gorgeous date during your entire stay at Rijnsburg? We think it’s when you get to take your date back to your hotel room and do all kinds of things you had only imagined before then. We at Amsterdam Escort are more than capable to make that kind of arrangement for you.