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Alianna's Bio

Sophisticated Alianna Will Show You Secrets From Around The World

Meet Alianna, the sophisticated lady and world traveler who has been wined and dined in some of the most famous cities in Europe and the Far East. To begin with, Alianna grew up as a child of a diplomat who was stationed in Argentina and then Malaysia for much of her childhood. In addition, she has also been to some of the finest schools in Great Britain. Because, since she landed here in Amsterdam Alianna has been eager to expand her social circle and meet new friends with whom to explore the city and pass some quality private time!

What to Know About Alianna

She loves to dabble in paint and pen-and-ink drawings and is an accomplished artist. In addition, she took dance and martial arts lessons as a child and that has kept her figure trim and svelte. Further, Alianna likes to sit by the fire and share a good bottle of wine with that special someone. Meanwhile, she has toured some of the premier wineries on the continent. Wherever she goes, be it the souk in Morocco or the high-end shops of Dubai, she loves to shop.

In addition, Alianna has shared a dinner table with royalty and clinked glasses with some famous movie stars. Therefore, if you ask nicely, she might even share a tale or two of some fun she has had. Of course, no names, but maybe some gentle hints! However, she loves magic and magicians and this companion has all sorts of tricks up her sleeve that will leave you amazed and breathless.

Where to Take Alianna on a Date

In particular, take Amsterdam escort Alianna along with you to see the Vermeers and Rembrandts at the city’s Rijksmuseum.  Likewise, kiss her lovely lips along the canals as you enjoy a picnic just for two. Next, share a bottle of wine on a romantic canal ride. Finally, when you disembark, head for the Red Light District to whet your appetite for what lies ahead. In the end,  you’ll be alone back at your hotel.

Afterward, Dine in a five-star restaurant with your date, as a slim, raven-haired, Alianna is the perfect companion. Moreover, to share an intimate meal followed by a very private dessert. At any time, she has an eclectic appetite for some of life’s rarest pleasures. Because, Alianna is always willing to develop new tastes. So, if you like, Alianna is willing to join you and your partner for a late-night party of three. Equally important, you can even stop by a local coffee shop for some party favors. Finally, to take your evening ever higher before heading off to your invitation-only nightcap with one of the sexiest call girls in Amsterdam.

Why She’d Love to Go on a Date with You

Alianna likes to meet new friends wherever she goes around the world. Equally, she loves to discuss current events and esoteric topics with people from other countries and cultures to expand her world view. Also, while on your Amsterdam dream date, the two of you can spend a little time chatting together and getting to know one another. Likewise, ask Alianna about some of the sites you would like to explore here in the Netherlands. Meanwhile, she may have the inside track for a unique experience to help make your trip to Amsterdam even more memorable.

Score Some Private Time in Amsterdam with Alianna

When you are ready to step out on the streets of Amsterdam with a classy, sophisticated lady on your arm, Alianna is the perfect date with whom to share an unforgettable evening.  Consequently, other men will clearly see that you recognize good breeding and class in the company you keep as you stroll past the sights of the Red Light District with Alianna smiling inscrutable at your private jokes. Eventually, this stunning, high-class Amsterdam escort will bring you back to our city to recapture the magic of the sophisticated pleasures you two shared.

Alianna's Profile

Age: Height: Weight: Hair:
28 160 cm / 5’3″ 49 kg / 108 lbs. Brown
Eyes: Cup Size: Caucasian Spanish
Brown C Bisexual Outcall