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Allison's Bio

University coed and Amsterdam escort Allison

This young, nubile university coed, Allison is ready to experience life away from campus. She is eager to learn more than can be taught in her college textbooks. Allison is a fresh-faced, busty beauty who is barely legal — and legally bare from Rijsenhout. She is ready to experience some of Amsterdam’s premier nightlife with you. Allison is looking for that special someone to teach her all they know and explore uncharted territory together with her.

Allison Brings Her “A” game

As a former cheerleader, Allison loves to get rowdy and cheer her favorite team on to V-I-C-T-O-R-Y.  In addition, she is equally at home inside of a pub or coffee house when it’s time to watch the match with you. While Allison plans to continue her education, she is having so much fun living and working as an Amsterdam escort right now. Likewise, she is focused on making sure that your fantasy dream date experience is all that you ever hoped it could be. Because, at her university, all her professors call her the teacher’s pet. Finally, you will definitely give Allison an “A” for her enthusiastic efforts to show you a great time!

Relive Your Youth with Allison

Her tender years often make her the youngest girl in any crowd but make no mistake — Allison is very experienced in all of the right ways. Furthermore, she brings her playful nature into every activity she undertakes. Take her out for a night of fun and pleasure and recall what it was like to be young, free and unencumbered. She is definitely lighthearted and young, but make no mistake, Allison is all the woman you will need.

What Allison Likes to Do on a Date

In particular, she’s a sporty girl, so any type of competition is right up her alley. Besides, whether it’s the latest Ajax- Feyenoord football matchup or the annual Cannabis Cup, she’ll be there to cheer her team on to victory. And, the two of you can raise a glass of beer or try something a little stronger to put you in the mood to cut loose a little. Because, if you are more of a team player, Allison is always willing to bring along a member of her squad for the night’s festivities. Goooo team!

Allison loves to go out at night and listen to live music in the bars and discotheques of Amsterdam. In other words, she’s got great rhythm and is light on her feet. Allison and her girlfriends love to dance for you and put on a show. Come join them on the dance floor or somewhere a bit more private for a rollicking good time.

When it’s warm and sunny, Allison loves to bare it all on some of Amsterdam’s nearby nude beaches. Moreover, she is ready to shed her inhibitions with her clothes, so don’t be surprised when she strips down to show off her perky breasts in public. So then, why are you still wearing clothes?

Reasons Why Allison Is Perfect for Your Date

She’s an easygoing young miss who loves to laugh and play harmless pranks. In fact, she will keep you in stitches from laughter all throughout the evening until its climax. Next, her bubbly personality makes her light up every room she enters — but the light in her eyes will be lasered on you. In short, what can you teach Allison on your night of passionate fun? In short, she is so eager to learn what makes you tick.

Make Your Date Now with One of the Best Escorts in Amsterdam

At any rate, when you are as pretty and popular as former cheerleader Allison, your datebook fills up really fast. You definitely don’t want to miss out on spending time with her while you are here in Amsterdam, so make your plans now before you arrive. For this purpose, she’ll have something special planned just for you!

Allison's Profile

Age: Height: Weight: Hair:
21 160 cm / 5’3″ 49 kg / 108 lbs. Blonde
Eyes: Cup Size: Caucasian Dutch
Blue D Straight Outcall