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Annalisa's Bio

Annalisa is Your Tip Top Shaped Beauty From Heaven!

To begin with, when you meet this gorgeous Dutch beauty with the long legs that seem to go on and on forever. In addition, Annalisa will literally take your breath away. She is a sweet-natured stunner who knows how to get and keep a man’s attention. Therefore, make no mistake — on your dream date with Annalisa, she will have eyes only for you.

Annalisa is the Homegrown Honey From The Netherlands

Annalisa grew up here in The Netherlands in a small, traditional Dutch town just outside of Rotterdam. Notwithstanding, it was only very recently that she decided to make her move here to the big city of Amsterdam. Because, two of Annalisa’s biggest passions are tending to her outdoor garden and decorating her apartment. Additionally, to keep her hourglass figure in tip-top shape, Annalisa loves to rollerblade and figure skate. Further, if you are looking for a glamorous Amsterdam escort who can show you how to have a great time in this cosmopolitan city, she can fit the bill. Because, when it comes to call girls in Amsterdam, Annalisa is the total package — beautiful, witty, urbane and available.

Annalisa has a bubbly and gregarious personality and is always fun to be around. For instance, whether the party is just for the two of you or you will be joined by one of Annalisa’s exotic and sexy friends, your time here will be well spent exploring new intimate possibilities with one of the best escorts in Amsterdam.

Some Dreams Can Come True

Annalisa has a fine imagination and loves playacting. She also loves when her dates take the initiative and share their innermost fantasies with her. Sharing intimacies deepens the bonds between new friends, so don’t hold back with yours. Therefore, Amsterdam escorts like Annalisa enjoy spending time meeting men and couples from all around the globe and sharing intimate experiences with them that before they may have only dreamed of. Finally, beautiful Annalisa is always ready to step into your private fantasy world and explore different scenarios that tickle your fancy when the two of you pass the time together here in Amsterdam.

Why Annalisa Is the Perfect Dream Date

Consequently, she can quickly put you at ease with a smile and shared joke, and you will feel your tensions melt away. In addition, Annalisa is a stimulating conversationalist and has a wry sense of humor that will relax you during your time in her easy company. Meanwhile, she delights in experiencing a newcomer’s reaction to all the delights that Amsterdam has to offer the discerning traveler. For Instance, would you like to paint the town red with a breathtakingly beautiful lady beside you? At five-star restaurants and funky coffee shops alike, Annalisa is equally at home with you by her side.

European Elegance in a Gorgeous Package

Because Annalisa is native to The Netherlands, she has that innate sense of graceful Old World elegance that only women born and raised on the continent seem to naturally possess. She could easily be a French courtesan or Russian czarina from another bygone era, and her beauty remains timeless and unparalleled. Just take one look into Annalisa’s sultry eyes and you will know that her passion is a fire that burns deep and long.

Don’t Miss out on Your Fabulous Opportunity

If you are ready to have the ultimate Amsterdam experience on your next stay in our fair city of unspoken pleasures, you may want to mark your calendar now to ensure that you spend some titillating down time getting to know the lovely Annalisa. Imagine her long limbs entwined with yours as your fantasies are turned into reality. In conclusion, she is as popular as she is gorgeous, so don’t delay and miss out on the chance of a lifetime to get your fantasies fulfilled by Annalisa here in Amsterdam.

Annalisa's Profile

Age: Height: Weight: Hair:
27 170 cm / 5’7″ 55 kg / 121 lbs. Blonde
Eyes: Cup Size: Caucasian Dutch
Green D Straight Outcall