Bonny's Bio

Bonnie — A Beautiful Blonde Girl Who Can Take Your Breath Away

You’ve heard about the beautiful women in Amsterdam. You’re imagining stunning blondes on every street corner. You think these busty women will fill the bars and coffee shops. You crave that experience for yourself. As you plan your trip, though, you start wondering how to make it happen.

Don’t trust it to fate. Don’t just hope you can meet someone. The Amsterdam escort you’re dreaming of is Bonny, and we can hook you up with her while you’re here. Just look at the picture of her and you can clearly see she’s what you want. She has a gorgeous, curvy figure. She has golden blonde hair. She draws you in with her eyes and leaves nothing to your imagination.

Don’t leave Amsterdam thinking about what could have been. Don’t go home wishing the trip was any different. Spend a day and night with Bonny and make those dreams come true.

Who Is She?

You can see just from looking at her why she’s so much fun to be around. But what is she really like? Bonny is a girl who loves to have a good time. She’s one of the call girls in Amsterdam who likes to take things up a notch. If you say you want to get a drink, for instance, she’s the type of girl who wants two. If you want to go to the beach, she wants to go to the nude beach. If you want to stay out late, she wants to stay up all night.

She loves to get the most out of life. That’s all there is to it. She lives that way every day. She doesn’t miss an opportunity. Carpe diem is her motto. She’s the first one in line, every time. People are often scared to live like this, but not Bonny. She loves life. She wants all it has to offer.

This attitude is infectious. When you’re with her, you’ll feel like you can do anything. Tell her what you want. Open up about your fantasies and your desires. Tell her those things you have always craved. You may have thought they’d never happen, but she’ll make them happen. It’s just the type of girl she is. It’s why she’s the best escort Amsterdam has to offer. At 22 years old, she already knows that life is only for doing what you love. For doing what feels good. When she wakes up every day, she takes on everything her life has to offer. Let her bring you along for the ride.

Where Should You Take Her?

So you know you want to meet this Amsterdam escort, but now what? Where do you go? Don’t worry, we already asked her for a list of places she loves most in Amsterdam. They include:

SkyLounge Amsterdam. This beautiful rooftop bar is at the Doubletree by Hilton. It offers a classy atmosphere with incredible views. It’s right in the heart of the city. You can also easily walk from here to anywhere you choose after your drinks.
● HOPP. If you like the rooftop idea but want a laid-back atmosphere, try HOPP. Lounge in one of the couches lining the roof. Examine the beautiful plants growing all over the bar. Enjoy local beer and many other drink options. This place has it all.
● W-Loung. This is at the top of the W Amsterdam. It’s a five-star hotel. The views are unrivaled. This is luxury at a premium.

With a beautiful Amsterdam escort like Bonny on your arm, any venue is thrilling. Call us now to set it up!

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