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And a Few Gorgeous Redheads!

These Sexy Brunettes Will Take You to the Heights of Pleasure

To start with, when men are asked to physically describe their ideal woman, lots of men express a preference for brunettes over blondes. In fact, at least one research study has shown that more men prefer dark-haired women to blondes or redheads.

Badoo, a social networking website, surveyed 2,000 men. They discovered that an overwhelming percentage of men (more than 60%) liked women who had brown or black tresses. Approximately a third of those polled specified that they found women with brown hair the prettiest. Another group of nearly 29% listed black-haired women as their ultimate favorites. A similar study of men at Florida State University showed results that were much the same.

Exotic Looks Lead to Erotic Fantasies With Brunettes

Picture a lovely dark-haired Italian or Greek woman standing on the steps of an ancient villa. Her dark tresses billow out behind her. Her naturally tanned skin is in stark contrast to the white of the cotton dress that’s draped over her sexy silhouette. She raises a casual hand to her hair, untangling her windswept locks. Now, picture that same woman lying amidst the tangled sheets of your bed. That, my friend, is the stuff fantasies spring from.

Regardless of ethnicity, brunette woman can exude an earthy sexuality that eclipses that of a cool blonde. They are the Latin lovers, the hot-blooded babes wearing super short cheerleading skirts or jeans that curve to their lovely buttocks so well you’d swear that they were painted on. These black-headed beauties are the ones all the boys panted over in high school, dreaming they’d be the one to walk her into the prom arm in arm.

The Far From Prim Librarian Types Of Brunettes

Sometimes, these women are so sexy that they try to play their sexuality down so men will focus on something other than their enormous sex appeal. Picture a dark-haired woman with her hair up in a bun. She may be pouring over the books in the university library with a pencil holding up her bun as she acts the part of the study grind. Suddenly, the pencil drops from her bun and all that gloriously dark hair falls down around her shoulders. Her lush red lips open in a perfect “O” of surprise. She’s achingly beautiful and suddenly seems so much more accessible!

That’s the other benefit of being a brunette. Many men are put off by frosty blonde beauty queen types. They think of them as out of their league, impossible to approach and chat up in social situations. Whereas dark-haired women seem far more easygoing, someone with whom you’d like to drink a few beers or lie abed and share some laughs long after the lovin is done.

Brunette women can also be the exotic gypsy girls that dance through your impassioned dreams at night. They shake their black curls and vamp at you beneath their long, dark lashes. Oooh, la la! Did you die and go to heaven?
Nothing quite that dramatic. But you have pages of gorgeous brunette Amsterdam escorts to go through before selecting one lucky woman for your special date. Surely one (or more!) of these black-haired vixens will tempt you into a night of unbridled passion.

Choose the Brunette Beauty of Your Dreams

These sexy women with the brown and black tresses are all so lovely, it is certainly understandable if you have trouble choosing just one. Close your eyes and give free rein to your erotic fantasies. Which lovely young thing calls to you? When you open your eyes, picture that sensual brunette lady in your mind. Then gaze upon the photos in the online gallery until you find one to choose.