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Fiona's Bio

Have a Great TIme with Sexy Fiona When You Visit Amsterdam

Fiona may be just 21, but she already knows what she wants out of life. Fiona’s looking to have fun, because she became an Amsterdam escort to meet new people and see what life had to offer. Quickly, she realized she had found her calling.

After all, one of the other things that she loves is traveling. Born in Spain, she moved to Germany when she was six. Thereafter, she then came to the Netherlands as a young teenager. In addition, now that she’s an adult and out on her own, she’s made it her home. Fiona never stopped enjoying her traveling.

In fact, last year, she went to the United States, Australia and New Zealand. However, if you ask her what she liked the most, she’ll tell you it’s impossible to pick. Above all, she certainly has the travel bug. When she works with the other escorts in Amsterdam, she satisfies this urge by meeting people from all over the world. Because, if you’re coming here from anywhere else, she’ll be thrilled to meet you.

Fiona isA Slender Beauty

You can see in the gallery that Fiona is a beautiful Amsterdam escort, but let’s look at what sets her apart. She is slender and graceful, with the body of a dancer. Her cute good looks include short dark hair and flawlessly smooth skin. She has wide, stunning eyes that draw you in. In addition, this is a girl you just want to hold tight when you talk about your dreams for life. You can see her youth, charm and vitality in everything she does.

Tell Fiona What You Want

A lot of the girls have things they like to do: going out to dinner, going for walks on the beach, going to the coffeeshops. When we asked Fiona, she mentioned that she’s happy doing whatever you want. It doesn’t matter to her. She’s a free spirit. Because, Fiona looks at everything as an adventure, as an experience.

She is a bit more of a quiet and serious girl. You get the sense that the two of you could stay up late together. You could drink wine and talk under the stars. In addition, you could smoke pot and gaze out at the city lights. She’s both interesting and interested in everything you have to say.

All told, though, your satisfaction is her goal. What will make you enjoy the night the most? What do you want when you meet a cute escort Amsterdam can provide? Because, she’s more than willing to make those dreams come true.

Drinks in Amsterdam With Fiona

Maybe you want to get the night started with a drink. You can always just see where it leads you. Some of the best places to go with Fiona include:

Hiding in Plain Sight, a cocktail bar known for making unique drinks that you’ll love.
Vesper, a bar with a James Bond theme that really gives you that classic vibe. Fiona is a huge James Bond fan herself, so this is one of her favorite places to grab a drink — shaken, of course.
The Wilderman Beer Tasting Room, where you can try a wide range of beers if you’re more interested in that than in fancy cocktails.

Of course, going out with Fiona means you can always ask her for more recommendations. She’ll figure out what you like and find the perfect place.

Set It up Now

Cute, fun and interesting, Fiona is waiting for you, and you’ll fall in love with her! If you want to meet this Amsterdam escort, we encourage you to call right now. Get it all set up as soon as possible so you don’t miss out.

Fiona's Profile

Age: Height: Weight: Hair:
21 170 cm / 5’7″ 50 kg / 110 lbs. Brown
Eyes: Cup Size: Caucasian Spanish
Brown B Straight Outcall