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Lina's Bio

Busty, Sloe-eyed Beauty Lina

To begin with, Lina is the kind of Amsterdam escort who can bring you to your knees. Because, she has a triple-D hourglass figure with a waspish waist you can circle with your hands. Namely, years of dance have toned her body and kept her fit and limber. In addition, the moves she makes on the dance floor of the hottest clubs in Amsterdam draw the attention of all. Finally, don’t you want to watch her shake her moneymaker just for you?

She’s a Mediterranean Island Girl

Lina grew up on the Mediterranean island of Malta. On one hand, that’s not a tan, she has naturally honey-colored skin other women spend hundreds of dollars on spray tans to achieve. On the other hand, this is a sexy and gorgeous  and Lina is remarkably down to earth. Further, she has a great love for animals and is always rescuing cats and dogs that wind up on the street without a home. In other words, she truly is beautiful both inside and out.

Fulfill Your Fantasies on Your Trip to Amsterdam

Continuing, you might think that you could go on a date with someone you meet in a bar or at a coffee shop. Because, you just might. However, that person will not be focused totally on you and your pleasure. Therefore, she will have her own agenda and it may be very far from what you are truly looking for. With Lina, it is a foregone conclusion that she will satisfy your desires on your date. Moreover, you will never have to worry that she will get up to use the bathroom and disappear out of the pub with another man. During your date, her time is with you alone. Unless, of course, you want her to invite a sexy friend to party and play with you.

During your time with this beautiful Amsterdam escort, you can relax and let her take charge. In addition, she knows all the tricks to get you hot and bothered before providing you with the relief that you seek. Further, you might have a scenario in mind to role-play with her on your date. And, that can be a lot of fun, because Lina is a very liberated lady. Finally, she loves to fulfill the fantasies of the men she dates.

Plan a Fun Date on the Town with Lina

Where will you go? In particular, do you like to go dancing? Want to try out some of your best moves at the alternative club De Nieuwe Anita. Or perhaps, maybe you prefer to hang out in a pub and play a few games of pool or throw some darts. Rather, Lina is down with whatever you’d like to do. If the weather is mild, you could even ride a tandem bike with her around Amsterdam checking out the sights.

Why a Date with Lina Will Make Your Trip Complete

Are you here on a business trip? To illustrate, Amsterdam is one city where mixing business with pleasure is practically expected. Further, you work hard, and it is only right to carve out some time to play while you are here as well. All your life, you’ve heard about the infamous Red Light District in Amsterdam and the gorgeous call girls in Amsterdam. And now, here you are. Finally, there’s no way that you shouldn’t indulge yourself and score a date with the girl of your dreams.

Are You Ready to Seal the Deal with Lina?

Take another good look at the photos in her gallery. In conclusion, you don’t want to miss out on any of that. But surely you realize that a hot, busty babe like Lina is in high demand as an Amsterdam escort. If you don’t book your time with her now, there’s a good chance that she might be busy once your arrive here in Amsterdam.

Lina's Profile

Age: Height: Weight: Hair:
36 168 cm / 5’6″ 56 kg / 123 lbs. Brown
Eyes: Cup Size: Caucasian Italian
Brown DD Straight Outcall