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Lotus's Bio

Lotus Is a Sexy Blonde Amsterdam Escort for Your Beach Escapades

To begin with, you’ve been thinking about taking a trip to the beach towns on the edge of Amsterdam, but you don’t want to go alone. In addition, where is the fun in that, but don’t worry. Because, we have your back. Further, we can help you hook up with a sexy Amsterdam escort like Lotus so that your trip is amazing. In addition, she’s gorgeous, fun, and loves to flirt and flaunt her body. Because, no beach trip is complete without a girl like that!

Lotus’ Story As An Amsterdam Escort

To start with, you can see from the pictures that Lotus is amazing to look at. Further, she knows it, and one of her favorite things to do is to head down to the topless beaches or nude beaches and show off. In general, lying next to her in the sand, we guarantee you’ll love the view.

The truth is that Lotus grew up in these beach towns near Amsterdam. Generally, she feels right at home in places like Zandvoort. Similarly, this is where she is from, and it’s where she loves to return whenever she gets the chance. She fits right in, and knows all of the local hot spots to show you around.

Lotus will be your guide throughout your stay.

After all, maybe you’ve never been here before. Because, you want an escort Amsterdam has to offer to be more than a companion. Further, you want a guide and Lotus is perfect. Most important, hotter than any tour guide, she gives you an inside scoop. Furthermore, you’ll have more fun than you ever could on your own. Moreover, you can also avoid the throngs of tourists and go to places only the locals frequent. Finally, it really gives you a different experience than most people get.

Why did Lotus move to the city if she loves the beach so much? It’s really not that far. In addition, she wanted to work as an Amsterdam escort and was excited to start her career. Next, she’s still young and carefree. Further, she just lives in the city, enjoying the nightlife, coffee shops and everything else it has to offer, but she heads out to the beach as often as she can. Because, it’s the perfect combination for a girl like her. Finally, let her bring you into her world. It’s one that we know you’re going to enjoy.

The Top Beaches to Consider With Lotus

Wondering where you should go with escorts in Amsterdam? Maybe you want to plan your date in advance. That’s great. Here are some of the top beaches in the area:

  • Zandvoort: Close to the city. Connected by train. Very popular and beautiful.
  • Bloemendaal: A famed party beach. Great for drinks. Relentless nightlife.
  • Wijk aan Zee Beach: Unique industrial look. Great eating options near the water. More of a family atmosphere, though.

No matter what beach you choose, you’re sure to get clear water and a great experience. That’s especially true with a hot girl on your arm. Lotus is sexy and alluring, the perfect companion. Whether you’re laying out in the sun, grabbing a drink at the bar, smoking pot at the beach, or just dreaming about how you’re going to take this slender blonde beauty back to your hotel room for some real fun, we know you’re going to have a good time.

Contacting Us

In conclusion, meeting a girl like Lotus is easier than you think. Remember, a beach trip alone is nothing like taking one with her. It’s a completely different experience. Therefore, all you have to do to meet her or any other Amsterdam escort is give us a call. We will be more than happy to set everything up in advance. Just tell us when you’re coming and what you’d like to do. We can and will make it happen. Call today!

Lotus' Profile

Age: Height: Weight: Hair:
21 168 cm / 5’6″ 51 kg / 112 lbs. Blonde
Eyes: Cup Size: Caucasian German
Blue C Straight Outcall