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Marketa's Bio

Marketa is a Smart, Hot Escort Who Wants to Have Some Fun

To begin with, Marketa has always been smart and studious. Even when she was a kid, she was at the top of her class. Afterwards, she moved to Amsterdam for college when she turned 18. In addition, even while working as an Amsterdam escort, her dedication in the classroom has not changed. Further, you can often find her sitting in a coffee shop, smoking a joint and working on a paper. Next, sometimes she’s reading a book, other times she’s watching a lecture on her laptop!

Here’s what has changed: Now she needs a way to blow off steam. Nevertheless, she wants to relax and have some fun. Therefore, she puts all of her time and energy into school. She knows it’s important. Further, she knows she’s going to have a lot of success, but she won’t let it consume her life. Finally, she wants something more, and she craves something more.

Marketa is the fun loving Amsterdam escort!

Similarly, this all makes her a little bit wild. Because, when you spent time with her, you’ll see that fun-loving side of her. Further, she’s an escort Amsterdam can provide who wants to go to a nude beach, throw her clothes down on the sand and dive into the water. Afterwards, she wants to get a little drunk and make out in public. Finally, she wants to smoke a joint in your hotel hot tub and then have a little fun together.

Subsequently, she loves being smart and dedicated, but she just also wants to let go. For some girls, this is how they always live, and it’s no big deal. For Marketa, this is her fun time and she wants to get everything she can out of it. Therefore, if you’re looking for a night you’ll never forget, she’s the Amsterdam escort who can give it to you.

What Marketa Studies

Of course, your time with Marketa is more than just messing around. Because, you’re going to start with a nice dinner or a couple of drinks at the bar. Further, maybe you’ll go on a boat cruise down the canals. Maybe you’ll just explore the city in the moonlight. Whatever you decide to do, you need an intelligent girl who can carry on an interesting conversation. Because, she’s as smart as a whip and so dedicated to her studies, she’s perfect.

To start with, Marketa wants to be a nurse, and she’s studying for it right now. In addition, she has a variety of science-based classes, as well as her general courses. Meanwhile, she hasn’t decided on a minor yet, but she loves music, art and history. Finally, they give her a break from the hard science of the medical industry.

Why do you want to know this? Because, it gives you an idea of where you can steer the conversation. Therefore, maybe you are a doctor yourself, you’ll understand it’s natural to discuss the profession while her eyes light up. Further, maybe you share her passion for history. Next, maybe you used to play in a band and you’ve rediscovered your love of music. Finally, as you eat and drink together, the conversation will flow just as smoothly as those drinks.

Getting Started With Marketa

Speaking of drinks, here are a few great places to go with Amsterdam escorts:

  • The Vesper Bar, with its James Bond theme and elegant style
  • Tales and Spirits, with its very creative menu and delicious food options
  • Door 74, with its hidden door and a speakeasy atmosphere
  • The Butcher, with its local focus and recent founding (2012)
  • The Kevin Bacon Bar, because how can you not check that place out?

No matter what you choose, you will have a great time. Let Marketa show you both sides of her: the smart, studious girl and the hot, wild escort. It’s a mix that we know you’re going to love. In conclusion, let her give you that night to remember. You can get started with this incredible Amsterdam escort by giving us a call today.

Marketa's Profile

Age: Height: Weight: Hair:
32 165 cm / 5’5″ 50 kg / 110 lbs. Blonde
Eyes: Cup Size: Caucasian Dutch
Green C Straight Outcall