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Melody's Bio

Melody Is a Beautiful Amsterdam Escort with a Wild Side

To start, when you first see Melody, your impression will be that she’s jaw-droppingly pretty. Further, she is a slender girl who keeps herself in great shape. Even so, she has an amazing figure that you won’t be able to look away from. In addition, she has smooth, flawless skin and beautiful dirty blonde hair. Finally, she’s young, she’s gorgeous, and she knows it.

To begin with, this is what you came to the Netherlands for. In addition, you wanted to meet a pretty Amsterdam escort who could take your breath away, and she can do it.  Finally, you’re in for the night of your life when you go out with her, because, the way she can make you feel is like nothing else.

Melody is far more than just a pretty face.

However, she’s far more than just a pretty face. In addition, what you’ll find as you get to know her is that she’s a bit rebellious. Subsequently, she does have a wild side, and likes to push the envelope. Furthermore, it’s classy and diminutive, but it’s just that one extra step toward showing you her personality. For instance, she’ll also be wearing fishnets, they make her look sexy and alluring. Finally, they also stand out in a crowd, because she’s a girl who likes to get noticed.

Likewise, is it a punk look? Not quite, but it definitely has a bit of that edgy vibe, because you can tell that she loves who she is and is confident in who she is.

Clubs to Check Out With Melody

With a girl like this, maybe it’s time to hit up a club. In addition, you can go out to dinner with a call girl in Amsterdam, but Melody loves the music, lights and fun that the clubs provide. Therefore, they fit right in with what she gets out of life. A few clubs to check out include:

  • Warehouse Elementenstraat: This place used to be a peanut factory. Now it’s a rave factory. Therefore, get ready to party late into the night with an Amsterdam escort. Notwithstanding, true to its roots and the rave scene, it has an industrial vibe. Because, it’s a huge place and the crowds are nuts.
  • AIR Amsterdam: A lot of Amsterdam focuses on historic charm, but this place goes the other way with a modern vibe. In addition, it also has a hive setup, with a lot of small rooms, rather than one big open space. Finally, the drinks are great and the bartenders really know what they’re doing.
  • Claire: The beauty of this place is that they have two rooms. Because, this means you always have two options. One side caters to local music and new stars. The other side plays old-school music and traditional house music. Both of them rock. It’s all up to you what you want to hear.
  • Shelter: Described as “sleek” and “dark,” this is a new venue. It has a modern vibe and a hidden door. Not just any door — a trapdoor. It’s a sick basement club like nothing you’ve ever seen. This is a place where you and the escort Amsterdam has provided can really go wild. We know you’ll love it.

You’ll Have Plenty Of Options With Marty

These places give you some options, and Melody loves them all. In fact, let her make a suggestion or even ask her about other options. Consequently, she loves the nightlife, knows where to take you, and how to give you what you want.

Contacting Us

In conclusion, are you ready to meet a hot Amsterdam escort like Melody? Further, are you sick of looking at the gallery and dying to see her in person? You can, so just give us a call today at the number below. You can also use the online contact form. We hope to hear from you soon.

Melody's Profile

Age: Height: Weight: Hair:
21 158 cm / 5’2″ 47 kg / 104 lbs. Blonde
Eyes: Cup Size: Caucasian Dutch
Green C Straight Outcall