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Morgan's Bio

German Sex Goddess Amsterdam Escort Morgan Will Stimulate!

To begin with, when Morgan first got off the train in Amsterdam, coming from her native Germany, she knew that she had found a new home. Because, this was a city that could easily embrace her love of the finer things in life, that could give her everything that she had been searching for.

With her tasteful wardrobe, stunning good looks and attention to detail in everything she does, Morgan is a blonde beauty who enjoys a luxurious lifestyle. Because, she always has, and when pressed, she likes to say that she is simply attracted to quality. Furthermore, why buy a new dress if it’s not going to make you look your absolute best? Finally, why get ready for a night out on the town if you’re not going to be the most beautiful woman in the room? Besides, that’s her mentality, and you can see it in everything that she does.

Morgan And Her Ideal First Date

As you may have guessed, her ideal first date is to one of the five-star restaurants in Amsterdam. In addition, she would love to sit on a terrace looking out over the city, drinking a glass of expensive wine under the moonlight. Moreover, she likes a meal that is an experience on its own: multiple courses, waiters in tuxedos, soft piano music being played live. Most important, she doesn’t think of dining out as something you do quickly before you move on with your night. To her, that is the night. It is the experience. That’s where she finds joy.

What this means is that having deep, engaging conversations is her specialty. At any rate, forget ordering a glass of wine. Because, when you go out with her, you need to order the whole bottle. To illustrate, she could spend hours sitting at the table, looking into your eyes, telling you everything that she loves and wants out of life. Therefore, she’ll get to know you on a deeper level. In like fashion, she doesn’t need the distraction of a concert or a show because, to her, just talking with you is enough. Finally, she’s someone you can really see yourself getting close to as the night goes on. You’ll love where that can take you.

Favorite Restaurants For Morgan

Morgan is an escort you want to impress, and you know that she loves luxury. Most important, where do you take her? Although a few of her favorite restaurants are:

  • De Silveren Spiegel – This charming place is one of the oldest restaurants that Amsterdam has to offer. That age and class is clear in everything that they do. If you want to feel like you’ve been sent back in time to a golden age of fine dining, you need to go here.
  • Restaurant Vinkeles – Exposed brick walls, dark wooden beams, soft sconce lighting and modern white walls: All of this describes the mood and setting of Vinkeles. It’s a beautiful, modern dining experience in a building that embraces its age. They offer private dining options, an extensive wine list and cuisine options that include French, European and International dishes.
  • Restaurant Adam – If you’re looking for vegan and vegetarian options, Morgan cannot recommend this place enough. It’s fine dining in an old city, but with a very modern twist. Presentation is also important to them, with attractively plated meals and a clean, minimalist aesthetic.

In conclusion, the great thing about going out with Morgan is that she lives in this scene and she can show you all sorts of places beyond these three. Contact us today and let her guide you to the luxurious side of Amsterdam!

Morgan's Profile

Age: Height: Weight: Hair:
23 168 cm / 5’6″ 51 kg / 112 lbs. Blonde
Eyes: Cup Size: Caucasian German
Blue C Straight Outcall