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Niki's Bio

Darling Niki Can Show You a Good Time in Amsterdam

When the late, great artist formerly known as Prince wrote and recorded the erotically charged song, “Darling Nikki,” he could have had this gorgeous Amsterdam escort in mind. Therefore, while their names may be spelled slightly differently, both evoke the promise of sensual pleasure.

To begin with, no man’s trip to Amsterdam is ever complete without experiencing the heights of erotic bliss that only a call girl in Amsterdam can provide. Further, when it comes to carnal pleasure, these women are at the top of their games. Because, Niki knows just how to drive a man crazy and then reward him handsomely. Finally, she is a true pro at the art of love and would love to arrange a date with you.

The Netherlands Boasts Some of the Most Beautiful Women in the World

There’s something special about all European women. Moreover, they have an air of class and sophistication that women from other locations seem to lack. But the women from the Netherlands possess an almost otherworldly beauty that few can match. Finally, Niki is a prime example of just that.

Even though, she was born in a smallish town in the Netherlands outside of Amsterdam. She soon discovered as a late teen that the bright lights and big city were beckoning to her. So, she said her goodbyes and hopped aboard the next train bound for Amsterdam. Further, since her arrival here, she has enjoyed working as an Amsterdam escort. After all, what could be more fun than getting paid to play and frolic with some new friends?

Like most Dutch women, Niki has a very liberal attitude about sex. Simultaneously, she also understands that some of her dates may not feel quite as free as she does about carnal pursuits. Finally, that’s why she likes to spend some time getting to know her dates before hopping into bed with them.

Things to Do on Your Date with Amsterdam Escort Niki

Spending some time in one of Amsterdam’s brown cafes, i.e., “coffee shops,” is a great way to break down any barriers to later intimacy. At the same time, Niki likes to hang out in greyarea on Oude Leliestraat when she wants to buy some smoke and have a few tokes. Ordinarily, it’s a fine idea for the two of you to begin your date right there.

Smoking cannabis often gives people a serious case of the munchies. Afterwards, detour to one of the funky little restaurants that are scattered all around the city. Then, enjoy a repast with Niki. In addition, she is particularly fond of French and Northern Italian cuisine. But she will also tuck into a plate of hearty Dutch pub fare once she has a good buzz.

There’s nothing like a romantic ride through Amsterdam’s canals to really set the mood. Likewise, share a bottle of wine as you enjoy the leisurely cruise through the scenic canal system. Further, by the time your boat docks, you will have dispensed with any lingering shyness or awkwardness. Afterwards, you’ll then be ready to take your date off for a very private nightcap. Niki will be all the woman that you have ever dreamed of dating.

Make Your Date with Niki Go off Without a Hitch

The only fly that could be in the ointment is if you wait too long to book a date with Niki. It is sadly possible that her calendar could already have filled up for the dates when you will be visiting Amsterdam. If you want to spend some intimate private time with earthbound goddess Niki, it is always best to plan ahead. Go ahead and prearrange your date with her now so that you will not be disappointed once you arrive here in Amsterdam.

Niki's Profile

Age: Height: Weight: Hair:
21 165 cm / 5’5″ 50 kg / 110 lbs. Brown
Eyes: Cup Size: Caucasian Dutch
Green B Straight Outcall