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Nina's Bio

Nina is a Flexible, Fun-Loving Dancer in Amsterdam

To start with, you have always dreamed of dating a dancer. Because, you just love slender, flexible girls who keep themselves in great shape. Certainly, it’s a tough combination to find. Further, you’re not looking for someone who is built from hitting the gym. Finally, you do want someone who stays active, and dancers are that perfect combo.

Well, your dreams can come true with this Amsterdam escort. Notwithstanding, at 21 years old, Nina has been dancing for the past 5 years, it’s something she loves and something she’s very good at. Further, she always pushes herself to be the best. In addition, she eats right, jogs to stay in shape, and only drinks on the weekends. Furthermore, while she does go to the gym, it’s mostly for yoga and dance lessons. Finally, she has petite features, flexible,  and beautiful with brown hair that always has a cute, somewhat short cut.

Nina Certainly Takes Pride In Her Appearance

Most call girls in Amsterdam tend to dress for their hobbies. Because, those who love the beach constantly wear bikinis. Further, those who love fine dining have a great selection of hot evening gowns. Therefore, it’s no different with Nina, but it does make her stand out especially when she is wearing a full outfit of black spandex. To illustrate, the top hugs her curves perfectly, and the yoga pants make her great butt look amazing as she’s walking away from you. Finally, the outfit is, at the same time, both relaxing and incredibly sexy. When you hang out, you will not be able to take your eyes off of her.

Getting a Drink Together With Nina

As we mentioned, Nina only drinks occasionally. She wants to stay in beautiful shape. However, that doesn’t mean she’s against it. In fact, she loves it, and by the time she gets around to it, she’s really ready to let loose. Further, if you want to go out with an excited, fun-loving Amsterdam escort, she’s the one. Where should you take her? Here are a few places we love:

  • Door 74: Cocktails are the name of the game. The menu is 12 pages long. It really takes some digging, but you’ll find something you love. With that many options, there’s something for everyone. On top of that, the bar staff has a ton of experience. Just ask them for a recommendation. They may even make you something that’s not on the menu.
  • Pulitzer’s Bar: The Pulitzer name is famous as a literary award. This bar is in a five-star hotel. You can tell where this is going, right? This is a classic bar with an incredible vibe. You almost expect to see someone like Hemingway sitting in the corner, drinking a martini. Soft lighting, leather chairs. They have it all. It’s great for a night out.

                     Or For Some Really Special Places To Take Nina

  • Super Lyan: This place goes in a completely different direction. It has neon lights and a very modern vibe. It’s right by the main station, so it gets a lot of traffic. If you want a place with excitement, noise and a young crowd, this is it. The drinks are great and Nina will fit right in.
  • Vesper: We just have to mention this, as it’s one of the best in the city. If you recognize the name, you’re probably already thinking of James Bond. Sure enough, they have a Bond theme that makes this a classy place to go with an escort Amsterdam can provide. If you love those movies, you have to try it.

In conclusion, no matter where you go with Nina, it’ll be amazing. The end of the night, back at your hotel, will be even better. This is the Amsterdam escort you’ve been searching for. Call now to set it all up.

Nina's Profile

Age: Height: Weight: Hair:
21 165 cm / 5’5″ 49 kg / 108 lbs. Blonde
Eyes: Cup Size: Caucasian Flemish
Blue B Straight Outcall