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Phoebe Can Help You Scout out the Coffee Shops

To begin with, there are two things you want to see when you come to Amsterdam: coffee shops and a hot Amsterdam escort. Generally, both have a reputation, the girls are beautiful, and the coffee shops, which sell legal marijuana, are plentiful. Therefore, you can’t wait to experience both in full. Because, it’s not the reason you booked the trip — you’re coming for business — but it might as well be. Finally, you know you will not be content without getting everything Amsterdam has to offer!

Well, you’re in luck. Because, the beautiful Phoebe, with her flawlessly smooth skin and looks that draw eyes from across the room, is waiting for you. In addition, she’s sexy, fun and one of the Amsterdam escorts who has lived here all her life, so she is also a local. Finally, she knows the area and can find the out-of-the-way coffee shops so many people miss.

Therefore, think of her like a tour guide — a sexy, alluring tour guide. Because, she makes every part of your trip more fun, like going out to get a drink or sleeping in your hotel, exploring the nightlife and smoking at the coffee shops. Further, no matter what you want to do, she’s there for you. Similarly, with her easy smile and soft-spoken attitude, she wants you to be happy. Most important, tell her what you’re looking for, what you can’t live without, and she’ll make sure you get it.

Explore The Coffee Shops With Phoebe

Nevertheless, it’s not hard to imagine all of the ways you can have fun with this sexy girl. However, what about your second dream: The coffee shops. Where should you go and what are the best ones to hit up? Understand, you’re not here for long and you do not want to miss anything. Remember, we are here to help.

Phoebe Suggested some of her favorites:

  • Grey Area: This place is famous. Celebrities have been spotted here more than once. Further, if you want to avoid the crowds, don’t go here. But, if you want that excited, fun atmosphere, do check it out. Because, it all depends on what you’re after with your hot Amsterdam escort.
  • Green House United: We love the outdoor seating and there’s a roll-out roof in case it’s raining. In addition, a lot of coffee shops tend to be rather dark and dreary. Finally, sitting outside and people watching while you smoke is where it’s at and it’s much more fun and relaxing. This place delivers.
  • The Bulldog The First: The claim to fame here is that they were open long before current laws. Most important, Weed was not always legal, but The Bulldog was still there and it’s still running today. Likewise, if you want to see a piece of history, it is worth a visit, because you also have to admire their dedication. Finally, they didn’t care about pushing the envelope.
  • Smoke Palace: The downtown district gets busy. If you want something a little more chill, this is it. It’s a neighborhood shop. Traffic is light, the people are friendly and you can really linger. It’s not a mad rush to get in and out. This is a good place to stop and get to know Phoebe a bit better.

Again, with a girl like this, you can really explore. All the call girls in Amsterdam know the local scene. Just ask Phoebe for some more examples and ideas. If you don’t like one of these ones, she’ll find you something great. We just want to help you get it all started.

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Your adventure awaits. In conclusion, you can have all of the fun that you want with a sexy Amsterdam escort. Take her out for the night. Take her back to your hotel. Get to know her and enjoy each other’s company. We can make it all happen if you just give us a call now.

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Age: Height: Weight: Hair:
21 158 cm / 5’2″ 47 kg / 104 lbs. Blonde
Eyes: Cup Size: Caucasian Dutch
Green B Straight Outcall