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Riley's Bio

Riley’s Old World European Grace and Charm Are Sure to Win You Over

To begin with, there are all sorts of call girls in Amsterdam, but few are as polished and self-possessed as Riley. Further, her innate refinement was honed during her childhood in Sweden. She spent many hours each week in the ballet studio developing her skills as a top-notch ballerina. In addition, when other girls were relaxing in front of the TV, Riley was at the barre perfecting her releves and tendus in front of the mirror. As a result, she grew up to be very lithe, supple and alluring.

Although Riley’s dreams of dancing across the ballet stages of Europe did not reach fruition, she still loves a good ballet workout. Because, that’s one reason why her calves and thighs remain so sculpted and taut. Therefore, Riley knows that ballet is a great way to keep her toned and trim body in excellent shape. Finally, you can believe that there is not an extra ounce of fat on Amsterdam escort Riley.

Riley Is the Perfect Dining Companion During Your Stay in Amsterdam

Men who date Amsterdam escorts frequently want the women to accompany them on staid business dinners with clients. In addition, it gives the men an extra dash of panache to be seen out on the town with a stunning beauty. In business, appearances can often carry you farther than actual performance. Therefore, if you want to impress a client, tell Riley to dress herself up in her finery and show those long and supple legs off to best advantage. She will know just what to wear to emphasize all her sexy assets.

When it comes to female dining companions, beautiful and erudite Riley draws attention and commands respect. She will enhance your image simply by being in her presence. She knows how to listen raptly and converse with people from all social strata. Riley will never embarrass you or let you down on your date. She knows her way around a good wine menu and her table manners are always impeccable.

Do you love to sip on a good glass of the grape? One of Riley’s favorite things to do on a date is to go to a wine-tasting in Amsterdam. You may want to book a tour of one of the local wineries during your date with Riley. If marijuana is more your thing than alcohol, she is perfectly fine with sharing a smoke with you in one or Amsterdam’s chill coffee houses.

Let the Excitement Build on Your Date with Riley

You will probably feel like a kid in a candy store once you are together with Riley. But as you learned when you were small, it is often better to let the anticipation build before the climax of your evening. After a sensual dinner spent gazing into one another’s eyes, a few drinks and a toke, you’ll be ready for alone time with her.

Riley encourages you to open up and share your fantasies with her. She will never mock or ridicule you for being honest. Instead, she will see to it that your fantasy gets fulfilled while on your dream date with her. And she will never reveal your secrets after your time with her. Your most intimate desires and needs will always be treated with respect and the utmost discretion by Riley.

What Are You Waiting For? Book Your Dream Date Today

In conclusion, as lovely and charming as Riley is, you can understand well why her datebook fills up so fast and far in advance. That’s why it is always wise to prearrange your date with her before you arrive here in Amsterdam. Don’t take a chance on missing out on your dream date.

Riley's Profile

Age: Height: Weight: Hair:
23 165 cm / 5’5″ 52 kg / 115 lbs. Blonde
Eyes: Cup Size: Caucasian Swedish
Blue C Straight Outcall