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Rosa's Bio

Rosa Is the Muse Behind the Music

To start with, if Rosa had grown up in the swinging 60s, she would likely have been the inspiration behind some of the rock gods’ greatest hits. Think Clapton’s “Layla” and Hendrix’s “Foxy Lady.” Because, she is very much a modern girl who loves to groove to the Amsterdam music scene. In addition, don’t be surprised if one day you hear a song on the radio that is dedicated just to her by its singer. Finally, Rosa inspires such intense devotion because this rocker chick is 100% woman.

Rosa Was Made for Loving You

Rosa lives the life of a highly successful Amsterdam escort now, but one day she was just a little girl growing up in Stuttgart. Likewise, she has a good head on her shoulders and was offered a place at a university in Germany. Meanwhile, Rosa has the dust of wanderlust sprinkled all over her. Because, she wanted to make her mark on the world outside of academia first, then return to school once she is older.

Now, she is quite content living and working in the magical city of Amsterdam. Meanwhile, her job as a call girl in Amsterdam leaves her plenty of time to chase her favorite bands all over Europe when they go on tour. Similarly, she’s a bit on the wild side for sure, but Rosa has a big heart. Therefore, she loves to get to know her dates before they actually meet her. That way, when they arrive for the big date, it will be like they already know one another.

Check Out the Underground Music Scene in Amsterdam

Ordinarily, Rosa has a preternatural ability to learn when a famous rock ‘n roll star will be visiting the city. Most important, she often strolls into just the right clubs to catch stars like Lenny Kravitz up on stage jamming with the house band or Rod Stewart and his entourage taking over the hotel bar. Further, she is perfectly at home dancing to the beat at an underground club like the Nieuwe Anita. Finally, if you’re ready to toss back some tequila shots and head for the mosh pit, Rosa is your go-to gal in Amsterdam. Most important, walk in like a boss with Rosa beside your wearing her best rockstar gear: ripped jeans, leather motorcycle jacket, bandanna tying back her tangled tresses.

Rosa Has an Appetite for Destruction

Rosa has a healthy appetite and loves to stop for a slice or two of pizza after the clubs all shut down. Including, extra cheese, double pepperoni, she loves it all. In addition, this is a girl who is not afraid of her own carnal appetite. Likewise, feel free to indulge yourself when you are on your date together. Later, she might even get into a play food fight with you!

Meanwhile, Rosa has a really big personality that can frighten off some more timid souls. Because, they take one look at her large dreamcatcher tattoo and get scared away. Further, those guys are just not the match you will be for Rosa. Therefore,  she needs a man who loves to hear her raucous laugh ring out, who can match her beer for beer and shot for shot. Besides, Rosa is proudly bisexual, so she will never be intimidated when her dates ogle other women. In fact, she might start making out with another hottie just to turn up the temperatures in the club. If you like, she’ll bring a hot babe back with you so you can watch your own private show unfold in the privacy of your hotel room.

Are You Man Enough to Take on Rowdy Rosa?

In conclusion, if you “get” Rosa and think you’ll be a great match with her, don’t let grass grow under your feet. Book your date with rocker Rosa now!

Rosa's Profile

Age: Height: Weight: Hair:
26 165 cm / 5’5″ 52 kg / 115 lbs. Brown
Eyes: Cup Size: Caucasian German
Brown C Bisexual Outcall