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Rowan's Bio

This Gorgeous Amsterdam Escort Rowan Will Guide You to Paradise!

With movie star looks, and a body to die for, let Rowan escort you in Amsterdam. With her, every moment is an adventure, but not a cliffhanger, because you know where the evening is heading. Further, she comes from Chicago, where she and her sister Louise used to operate an Italian restaurant, with very spicy meatballs. In addition, her parents had hoped that at least one of the sisters would opt for religious life as a nun, but Rowan says that both of them love sex too much to ever consider it. Finally, when she learned that having sex for cash was legal here in Amsterdam, she sold her sister’s share of the restaurant, and was on the next plane!

To begin with, clients love her delicious brown hair and flexible body, one that most men find immediately arousing. Further, with this young lady at your side, it will be hard to keep from smiling. Likewise, with the variety of Amsterdam escorts we offer, we have no hesitation in saying that she is a choice that no one has ever regretted on our website.

We Are Proud of Our Outstanding Escort Rowan

Those who have visited Amsterdam before know that no day is truly complete without the company of a lovely lady with whom to explore the finer things in life. Most important, what happens in Amsterdam stays in Amsterdam, the non-judgmental city where pleasure and excitement are everywhere, In addition, ripe for the picking for those with a lust for life, or even just a lust for women. Finally, our sexy young girls are beauty queen-like drop dead gorgeous. Moreover, some think that our selection is so amazing that we must be cloning them in a lab. Truth in advertising requires us to officially deny it. We’re just lucky, we guess, and you can get very lucky too!

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So many gorgeous ladies on our website to choose from. An embarrassment of riches. Rowan, however, is a great choice. In particular, she excels in making a man who has not seen an escort before comfortable and making him forget his inhibitions. Therefore, she loves to briefly tease and then deeply please. Because, when it comes to sex, doggie style is her favorite position because of the deep penetration possible. Finally, she especially loves doing it in a hotel room with mirrors on the wall, and is a bit of an exhibitionist.

Rowan loves Italian food, and delights in playfully licking the filling out of a cannoli. After dinner, her warm, moist mouth and tongue are always available to give her clients long bouts of oral pleasure with a climax that seems to last forever.

To illustrate, spend you valuable time with this special young lady and you’ll not regret your choice. Rowan is not a clock watcher, and always respectful with a great attitude!

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Seize the day and book a date with Rowan! If she’s busy, because you waited too long, try one of our other gratifying women for a wonderful date. Rowan and the rest of our Amsterdam escorts are waiting for your call, seven days a week.

Rowan's Profile

Age: Height: Weight: Hair:
22 168 cm / 5’6″ 50 kg / 110 lbs. Brunette
Eyes: Cup Size: Caucasian Italian
Brown B Bisexual Outcall