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Are You a Sexual Connoisseur? Treat Yourself to a Date with Shea

They say, “When in Rome . . .” Well, this isn’t Rome. It’s Amsterdam, a place where the attitudes toward sex and carnal pleasure are decidedly liberal. This is the perfect place to break free of any inhibitions that you might have had. The sexy and lovely Amsterdam escort Shea is the perfect intimate partner to share a date with!

Oooh, La La! This French Vixen Shea Is Hot to Trot

To begin with, Shea came to Amsterdam from the medieval town of Avignon in France. Therefore, she loved the beauty of her town but had dreams of breaking free and heading to a large European city. In addition, she did some research and decided on Amsterdam as her future residence, and she has lived here ever since.

Therefore, she loves her work as a call girl in Amsterdam. In addition, she loves meeting and getting to know the different people who flock to our interesting city. Likewise, she’s been here long enough now to act as a very knowledgeable tour guide to those visiting for the first time. Because, working as an escort in Amsterdam has allowed her the freedom to pursue art and portraiture classes. Further, she has become quite an accomplished artist and dreams one day of having her own gallery near Dam Square. Similarly, if you are an art lover, Shea will be happy to accompany you on a tour of one of Amsterdam’s many historic museums like the Rijksmuseum to see the Dutch masters (and many others).

Enjoy a Fun and Pleasurable Date with Shea

Notwithstanding, she is a very popular escort because her bubbly personality attracts men to her like a bee to honey. Further, you may want to ask Shea to accompany you to an important business dinner with some clients. Because, she knows just when to turn on the charm and is certain to beguile your dinner companions. Finally, her impeccable manners will see her through five-star dinners and a night at the opera.

Nevertheless, Shea has never forgotten her roots, either. Likewise, that means that she is equally at home in a corner pub watching a football match and cheering for her favorite team. In addition, she loves to play darts and is a real competitor. If you take her on in darts, make sure it’s a friendly bet or you could lose big. She’s really good!

Kick Back with a Little Cannabis on Your Date With Shea

The Dutch people have very laid-back attitudes toward marijuana consumption. That’s something that you might want to embrace as well during your visit. Even if you are not a regular smoker back home, cutting loose in Amsterdam typically involves a little cannabis consumption. For those who prefer not to smoke, the brown cafes all sell “space cakes.” Those are delicious, marijuana-laden products nonsmokers consume to give them a buzz. Go easy on the edibles, however, as they can be stronger than you realize. They also take about and hour before you feel the effects, so be patient. You can spend that time chatting with Shea in the brown café and sipping on some coffee.

Slip off for Some Sexy Private Time with Shea

Most men report that they like to lead up to the main event of the date with some time spent getting to know Shea. The anticipation gradually builds until you think that you might burst if you don’t head back to your hotel with Shea. There, your every wish is her command, so be prepared for the ecstasy to come.

To make sure that your dream date with Shea goes off without a single hitch, plan ahead. Schedule your date with her once you know your dates of travel to Amsterdam. You will not regret your choice!

Shea's Profile

Age: Height: Weight: Hair:
32 165 cm / 5’5″ 51 kg / 112 lbs. Blonde
Eyes: Cup Size: Caucasian French
Green B Straight Outcall