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Slava's Bio

Slava is a Sexy Girl Who Loves to Look Good

To begin with, Slava is a beautiful Amsterdam escort, and she knows it. Because, she loves to look good, you know how some girls thrive on that, and she’s one of them. Further, she likes making an impression when she walks into a room, she wants all eyes to be on her!

What does that mean? It means she’s looking drop-dead sexy all the time. Therefore, she loves bold color choices, like bright red, because it really pops and complements her smooth skin and blonde hair. In addition, she’s like some vision from a coastal resort with her full figure and beautiful curves which don’t hurt either. Likewise, she keeps her hair short, because it makes her look young and playful at 22 years old. Further, there’s a sexy edge to her that you can’t deny, and she wants you to think about her every day for the rest of your life. Someday in the future, you’ll be lying in bed in a foreign city, trying to get to sleep. You won’t be able to do it, though. The reason? You’ll be remembering your night with Slava. Finally, it’s unforgettable, embrace it, enjoy it, and never look back.

Slava in Amsterdam has a Story

Nevertheless, you can get to know this hot escort Amsterdam can provide a bit better before you arrive? Because, that’s a great idea and we asked her to write out some of her story for you.

As a result, it all begins when she turned 18, and knew she wanted to leave her home country and go to university. But where to go? Further, where could she find the experience she craved? Eventually, she settled on Amsterdam. Consequently, she’s been here for four years, graduating with a degree in fashion. Therefore, she’s now working as an Amsterdam escort because she loves it. Finally, it gives her a chance to use her fashion sense and education every day.

Why did she choose Amsterdam? It was more than just the school. She also loved the atmosphere. It’s not far to the beach for those hot summer days. The canals that move through the city make it feel relaxed and endearing. The coffee shops that sell legal weed don’t hurt, either. You can often find her smoking a joint and watching the water in the moonlight.

Other cities just don’t have nearly as much of a draw. She’s been to New York. She’s been to London. She likes big cities, but only to visit. If she’s going to live somewhere, it’s Amsterdam. It has the perfect balance. It’s a big enough city to give her the fun and the nightlife she wants. But it’s also old and quaint enough to feel like a place she can relax.

Slava Has a Favorite Coffee Shop

Does your plan include more than just a night with escorts in Amsterdam? Do you want to spend some time getting to know each other? As mentioned above, Slava loves the coffee shops. It’s a good way to meet her, break the ice and start your relationship on the right foot. Of course, you’re not from here. Where should you take a girl this hot?

Without a doubt, she said that her favorite shop was Prix d’Ami. Because, it’s bright, bold, modern and it’s just like her. Neon lights and creative artwork give it a very hip vibe. It’s also pretty big, so it gets a fair amount of traffic. They have tons of options. But it’s not just the weed she loves. It’s the whole experience.

Meet Slava Now

So, are you sold on the idea of meeting Slava as soon as you can? It’s easy to hook up with this hot Amsterdam escort. Just give us a call today!

Slava's Profile

Age: Height: Weight: Hair:
22 158 cm / 5’2″ 46 kg / 101 lbs. Blonde
Eyes: Cup Size: Caucasian Czech
Brown B Straight Outcall