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Summer's Bio

Let Summer Speak in the Language of Love to You

To begin with, no matter which season that you travel, Summer will always be here in Amsterdam. Not the season, certainly. However, the gorgeous Amsterdam escort, Summer, with her long dark tresses, trim body and almond-shaped eyes; this Portuguese princess awaits you when you arrive. In addition, she would love to accompany you on a night of dining, dancing and painting the town red. Finally, won’t you join her in experiencing all that Amsterdam has to offer?

What Summer Loves to Do in Amsterdam

For instance, Amsterdam is a large cosmopolitan city with lots of kinetic energy. Because, there’s always something happening and the pace can get quite frenetic at times. Because, one thing that Summer loves to do is study the things not in frantic motion — the Amsterdam architecture. Is that surprising? Rather, it shouldn’t be, as Summer would like to study architecture at university in the not-so-distant future!

For now, she’s a beautiful young lady who enjoys the opportunity to meet and hang out with interesting people from all over the globe. In addition, she has loads of suggestions for fun things to do together on your date. Further, since she was a small child growing up in a coastal community in Portugal, Summer has felt a very deep connection to the water. Likewise, she would be the perfect choice for a beach date at one of the nude seaside beaches in and around Amsterdam. Similarly, she also loves leisurely, romantic canal rides with a shared bottle of red or white. In other words, that’s a great way to get to know one another better on your date with Amsterdam escort Summer.

A Few Tokes With Summer Can Eliminate Nervousness

Are you a cannabis aficionado? If you are, prepare to smoke some of the dankest bud on the planet on your date with Summer. Therefore, if you’re not even sure what that means, it’s still fine. Because, Marijuana is sold openly in Amsterdam coffee houses that were traditionally called “brown cafés.” Nevertheless, total marijuana virgins can walk in off the street and consult with a very knowledgeable “budtender.” For example, this person will ask what type of buzz you would like — a deep sort of body buzz or a lighter, more mental boost? Yet, once you decide that, they can recommend a strong sleep-inducing indica, a jazzy sativa or a hybrid of the two. Finally, purchase a small amount and you and Summer can enjoy sampling it right in the coffee house.

Once you have a little buzz, it might be time to head back to your hotel room for some private time. On the way, you may decide to stop in one of the many bars around the city for some “Dutch courage” to get you going. Summer likes a drink or three and won’t mind this detour at all.

A Night of Passion Awaits You with Summer

In conclusion, the best thing about scheduling a date with an Amsterdam call girl is that you are secure in the knowledge that the night will end with far more than a chaste kiss. Hot-blooded Summer is skilled in the erotic arts and knows just how to please a man. At this point on your date, you may want to expand your intimate circle to include one of Summer’s equally gorgeous friends.

Summer has no hang-ups and likes having sex with both men and women. She can call someone to join you or hop into bed with you and your female partner. Everyone will be satisfied with Summer.

Book Your Date Now

The only way that you could go wrong booking a date with Summer is if you wait too long. Like beautiful girls do, Summer keeps a busy calendar. Plan your date now so you don’t miss out.

Summer's Profile

Age: Height: Weight: Hair:
23 163 cm / 5’4″ 49 kg / 108 lbs. Brown
Eyes: Cup Size: Caucasian Portuguese
Brown B Straight Outcall