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Valerie's Bio

Meet Valerie, a Beautiful Polish Princess

To begin with, Valerie came to Amsterdam via Poland. She can trace her roots back to the last King of Poland, Stanisław August Poniatowski. That gives her a few drops of blue royal blood, even if it is many centuries removed. As such, her dignity and effortless grace is unmatched. But this statuesque blonde is earthy and in touch with her carnal passions. She can’t wait to share some quality intimate moments with you here on your next visit to Amsterdam!

How Valerie Wound up Here in Amsterdam

Valerie was born and raised in Lublin in southern Poland. She realized early on in life that if she were to grab the brass ring of success, she would need to emigrate. After winning some early modeling contests that took her out of the country, she finally found a home here in the Netherlands as an Amsterdam escort.

Compassionate and big-hearted Valerie still sends money home to her siblings. She has a younger brother who dreams of one day attending medical school and becoming a doctor. She hopes her hard-earned cash can help him fulfill his dreams.

These Are a Few of Valerie’s Favorite Things

Growing up in Poland, Valerie loved to listen to American rappers like Snoop Dog, Lil Wayne and Dr. Dre. She still is a big fan of rap and dreams of one day going to the United States and seeing her idols live in concert. Until then, she is a big part of the underground rap scene in Amsterdam.

Nevertheless, Valerie also loves to smoke marijuana and munch on some of the delicious space cakes for sale in brown cafés. Because, these storefront shops are colloquially known as coffee shops, although they sell much more than just coffee (but you certainly can enjoy a hot brew with your buzz). Therefore, if you arrange a date with Amsterdam escort Valerie, ask her for recommendations for a coffee shop near your hotel. Finally, she will likely have several suggestions for you to try during your visit to the most liberal city on the continent.

Speaking of liberal, Valerie loves to take her dates down the Red Light District. Meanwhile, most are absolutely gobsmacked at the antics of the performers at the fabled live sex shows. You will see things that you cannot legally view in most other countries around the world. Most importantly, accompany Valerie for some inspiration for your own intimate performance once the two of you are alone back at your hotel.

Reveal Your Fantasies on Your Dream Date with Valerie

While you may be hesitant to share your deepest carnal desires, call girls in Amsterdam have literally seen and heard it all before. Don’t be shy. You have traveled all this way to unleash your pent-up fantasies. So, let it all hang out to experience the most pleasure possible on your date.

Would you like to try a threesome with your intimate partner? Valerie is bisexual and totally down for a menage a trois with you and your spouse or girlfriend. Just let her know what it is that turns you on and let the good times come naturally. You certainly will look back on your Amsterdam experiences with fondness in the future.

Book Today to Guarantee Availability

In conclusion, Valerie’s date calendar tends to fill up fast, especially during busy seasons of the year in Amsterdam. She would really hate to miss out on a chance to hook up with you during your visit. That’s why it is so important to book your date well in advance of your actual dates of travel. Also, that gives you some time to let the anticipation build to its natural climax on your date with Valerie. Book today!

Valerie's Profile

Age: Height: Weight: Hair:
36 160 cm / 5’3″ 47 kg / 104 lbs. Blonde
Eyes: Cup Size: Caucasian Polish
Green B Straight Outcall